August 21-25 Friday-Tuesday New Student Orientation
August 25 Tuesday Registration of new and returning students, $150 late fee after this date
August 26 Wednesday Classes begin
September 2 Wednesday Last day for changing courses
September 7 Monday Labor Day Holiday
September 11 Friday Degree Application Deadline (Fall 2015)/$25 late fee after this date 
September 16 Wednesday Date of Record
October 12-13 Monday-Tuesday Fall Break
October 14 Wednesday Midterm deficiency reports due online
October 16 Friday Last day for dropping course without academic penalty
November 3, 5 Tuesday, Thursday Pre-registration for Spring semester
November 13 Friday Last day to petition for one time course withdrawal for freshmen
November 25-27 Wednesday-Friday Thanksgiving Recess
December 7-8 Monday-Turesday Physical Education exams
December 8 Tuesday Classes End
December 9 Wednesday  Reading Day
December 10-11, 14-16 Thursday-Friday
Final Exams
December 19, 2015 Saturday End of Term/Conferral of Degree
December 17, 2015 - January 8, 2016 Thursday-Friday Interim Dates