First-year student applicants to Oxford must submit entrance credentials indicating graduation from a secondary school with at least sixteen acceptable units of work. Oxford strongly recommends the following: English 4, Mathematics (including Algebra II) 4, Foreign language 2, Social studies 3, Laboratory sciences 3.

Emory University has extended its test optional policy for applicants who plan to enroll as first-year students in Fall 2024. If submitted, test scores will be reviewed as a demonstration of the applicants academic preparation (SAT: Oxford College code number 5186, ACT: Oxford College code number 0815). Emory University accepts the Common Application, QuestBridge Application, or Coalition Application. You may find the link to these applications at Emory's admission website.

Application Procedure

Application Fee

A nonrefundable processing fee of $75 must accompany each completed application, unless paid by a fee waiver.

Admission Plans

There are three options for admission plans under which one can apply to Oxford College of Emory University, which include Early Decision I, Early Decision II, and Regular Decision.

Early Decision

Deadline: Early Decision I—November 1. Notification: December 15. 
Deadline: Early Decision II—January 1. Notification: February 15.

The Early Decision program is binding and allows students to learn of their admission decision early in the senior year. Applicants admitted under the Early Decision program should consider Emory University their first choice and pay an admission deposit by the stated deadline. Students who apply Early Decision to Oxford College may also apply to Emory College through the Early Decision plan. However, if admitted to both Emory College and Oxford College through the Early Decision I or early Decision II plan, the student must decide which campus they will attend by the stated deposit deadline date.

Regular Decision

Deadline: January 1 (Fall term). Notification: By April 1.

Students who select Regular Decision for Oxford College may also select to apply Regular Decision for Emory College.

Deans Achievement Scholarship Program

Deadline: November 15. Notification: Mid-February.

Students who apply for the Oxford Scholars program must also select Early Decision or Regular Decision as their intended admission plan. Students may nominate themselves for merit scholarships on the admission application (no supplement or nomination form is required).

Joint Enrollment

Deadline: June 15. Notification: August 1.

This admission plan serves students who wish to take courses at Oxford while still enrolled in high school. Students must have completed the junior year in secondary school and must follow the same admission procedures as candidates for regular admission. Candidates must take the SAT or ACT prior to the application deadline. Applicants may apply only for the fall semester, and students are limited to ONE class per academic semester.

Admission Decisions

Upon notice of acceptance, a nonrefundable deposit of $850 is required by the stated deadline for Early Decision (January 15 for ED I and March 1 for ED II) or for Regular Decision by May 1. This will apply toward the first semester's fees.