International Studies

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The need for greater understanding of global differences in culture, political systems, social systems and human relationships has never been greater.

International Studies at Emory is offered through the Department of Political Science.

With the degree, you’ll be prepared to enter a wide range of careers including humanitarian aid, international law, or diplomacy—to name just a few. No matter where your path leads, you’ll have the tools to make the world a better place.


A degree in International Studies prepares you for opportunities in a number of fields where you can put your knowledge and skills to work immediately. Think civil service where you can make an impact on human rights, U.S. or global trade, international business, and diplomatic efforts. You could be a Congressional aide or an Embassy assistant, work in HR for a global organization, serve as an international development consultant, or become an international relations specialist.

Recent Emory graduates work at

  • The Carter Center
  • The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • International Rescue Committee, a nonprofit organization supporting refugees
  • The Sanneh Foundation
  • Trinity School at Greenlawn
  • The American Enterprise Institute
Median salary with master's degree
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Example of Major Classes

Research in International Studies

Imani Brooks

Examining gender-based violence in Congo

International Studies and Global Health major Imani Brooks 22C is conducting a multi-year research project studying gender-based violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo alongside faculty in the French and Italian Studies Department. She's also conducted research around sex work and stigmatization and is involved in Emory's Black Student Alliance.