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Through our mentor program and internships, Oxford offers two ways for alumni to share career wisdom and experience with current Oxford students.

Mentor Program

The Oxford Mentor program pairs sophomores with alumni working in their chosen career field. The program encourages an exchange of professional ideas, friendship, and expertise as mentors help students navigate career decisions and network.

Mentors and students commit to connect with one another—by phone, email, or virtually—at least once a month. The program facilitates exploration and development of networking skills, informational interviews, perspective on majors and/or career choice, and possible career shadowing or internship opportunities.

As a collaboration of Oxford's Alumni Relations and Career Services staff, the Oxford Mentor program includes alumni from across the United States.

Each year, students select alumni mentors in the fall. The program officially closes at Oxford’s May Commencement, though many connections last as the students continue on to Emory in Atlanta or other schools.

Emory Connects

To participate in the Oxford Mentor Program, create an account and/or log into Emory Connects. Emory Connects is an online community of people eager to support one another with industry advice, introductions, and opportunities. Emory Connects makes it easy to indicate exactly how you are interested in providing advice and career guidance, whether it be meeting virtually for coffee, reviewing a résumé, or simply a short phone conversation. This fall, Oxford College will use this platform for the Oxford Mentor Program.

You can log in with your LinkedIn credentials to populate your profile and get started networking. From the edit profile page, opt in to the Oxford Mentor Program, selecting “offer” or “seek” mentoring as appropriate. Include some information about yourself in the “other information” section so students can find their best mentor match.

How to create a profile in Emory Connects 

For Students: How to select the Oxford Mentor Program in Emory Connects 

For Alumni: How to select the Oxford Mentor Program in Emory Connects

The greatest gift that our alumni can give to our students is perspective. Perspective on the role that their GPA truly had or didn’t have on their future, perspective on the value of a liberal arts education no matter the professional sector they enter, perspective on the versatility and flexibility of the workforce, and perspective on how much creative choice they have about designing their lives, while in college, and especially after graduation.

Ami Hernández
Assistant Director of Career Services

Internship Program

The Alumni Internship program pairs Oxford students with internships in the organizations where our alumni work. Through this connection, our students gain invaluable work experience and organizations gain quality interns.

Oxford students work at internships during the academic year in locations in and around Atlanta, and they take advantage of high-profile summer internships for credit at organizations across the United States.