All personal counseling, career counseling and psychiatry services are provided at no cost to enrolled Oxford College students. 

Counseling and Career Services

Student Development and Mental Health Services

While college is an exciting time of growth and discovery, it is not uncommon for students to struggle with the many stressors that emerge during this time. Our office provides services to support students facing the developmentally expected challenges of young adulthood, including impairments in their mental health. These include:

  • consultation for students, faculty, staff, and parents on students of concern or common mental health challenges
  • individual counseling services for mental health concerns
  • Online tele-health psychiatry services for students wanting to start or continue medication management
  • referrals to local or Atlanta area providers for students needing specialized or extensive services that are beyond the Counseling and Career Services (CCS) scope of care

Mental health services will also be available, including psychiatry services, through TimelyCare, a service that Emory has partnered with to extend mental health resources for our students.

Career Services

College is a time to prepare yourself for your future, and this includes making career choices. Our Office of Career Services:

  • helps you focus your job and internship searches and to introduce you to the (university-based and independent) resources best suited to your needs
  • offers standardized assessment tools for students who want to explore academic and professional applications of their interests, values, and strengths
  • discusses possible majors, dual-degree programs, and professional and graduate school plans
  • helps with facing tough questions, navigating disappointments, or testing new ideas about your academic path and identity
  • guides you in writing or refining resumes, cover letters, personal statements, essays, and other application materials


Counseling and Career Services places a high value in serving the entire community, not simply offering individual counseling sessions. Our outreach efforts extend our expertise and services to all students, with the explicit aim of helping create and maintain a supportive campus community that addresses some of the norms and tendencies in society that can compromise well-being. We offer outreach services in various ways including:

  • workshops on coping and thriving for students struggling with common challenges
  • advising and guidance for student organizations wanting to improve campus culture and peer support
  • serving as speakers for student organizations or guest speakers invited by faculty in their classes

Topics range from understanding the common challenges in college to creative exploration of career possibilities. These include topics such as traps of academic struggle, navigating uncertainty, reflecting on various aspects of identity, navigating imposter feelings, and recognizing toxic norms toward shifting to a community-culture of well-being and support.


Our staff members are Master's level trained mental health providers, and licensed to practice in the State of Georgia in psychotherapy and counseling.


All services are provided at no cost to enrolled Oxford College students. 

Schedule an Appointment

Current students, call 770.784.8394 to make an appointment or log in for details on scheduling and other resources. Please note that appointments can’t be scheduled by email.


  • Hours and Location
    Monday–Friday 8:30 a.m.–noon and 1:00–5:00 p.m.
    Murdy Residence Hall, First Floor
    Students who need psychological attention after hours should contact the Residence Life Coordinator on duty at 770.784.8377.
  • Mailing Address
    Counseling and Career Services
    Oxford College of Emory University
    104 Moore Street
    Oxford, GA 30054